The Legacy Process

  • 1

    Legacy meets with customer

    We will establish communication with the Customer and answer any questions.

  • 2

    Legacy Inspects Property

    Legacy performs an inspection to prioritize the Customer’s immediate needs and secure the property from further damage and liability.

  • 3

    Legacy Reviews Scope

    Examine the scope work to determine what the Customer’s property requires.

  • 4

    Customer Initiates Claim

    Policyholder initiates the claims process with the insurance company.

  • 5

    Customer Meets Insurance Co.

    Customer meets the insurance company to discuss the scope and costs of damage.

  • 6

    Another Happy Customer

    Customer will protect their interests, settle the claim and improve the quality of their property.

Home & Business Mold Intrusion

It is not uncommon for people to notice mold in their home or business and deny taking immediate action. Property owners tend to put mold and mildew on the future project list because it can’t cause any significant harm or damage. This is not an accurate assumption. Mold growth within your home can be very harmful to you and your property. As mold matures it releases airborne spores throughout your home and greatly affects air quality. Most people don’t even realize they are being affected right away. Mold spores are known to irritate the skin as well as the lungs when you breathe them into your body. Problems with your health due to mold can range from a simple irritation to significant health concerns. Issues like headaches, skin rashes, inflammation of asthma and bleeding lungs are common concerns. Some even feel that mold can develop certain types of cancer. It is important to take action quickly because the longer you wait, the problem will get exponentially bigger. Noticing mold in your home or business is only step one. You will read that treatments of bleach and other strong chemicals will kill off small problems. This is true, but it will almost always grow back even stronger because mold can be very elusive, hiding in many unreachable spots throughout your home. The only way to know the damage is restored correctly is to hire a trained professional to thoroughly remove and inspect the mold damage on your property.

The main cause of mold is a wet and damp environment, which is why it is commonly found in basements, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Calling a mold restoration specialist may not be the only step you need to take. The source of the moisture must be taken care of so the mold does not return. We recommend bringing in a water damage specialist as well to check for potentially leaky pipes, drainage issues, or high humidity in certain room. Water damage specialists will help you by analyzing pipes, running fans, creating proper ventilation and supplying dehumidifiers to get the job done correctly. Taking the right steps and using our mold removal specialists will insure the mold problems don’t come back to invade your property.

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