The Legacy Process

  • 1

    Legacy meets with customer

    We will establish communication with the Customer and answer any questions.

  • 2

    Legacy Inspects Property

    Legacy performs an inspection to prioritize the Customer’s immediate needs and secure the property from further damage and liability.

  • 3

    Legacy Reviews Scope

    Examine the scope work to determine what the Customer’s property requires.

  • 4

    Customer Initiates Claim

    Policyholder initiates the claims process with the insurance company.

  • 5

    Customer Meets Insurance Co.

    Customer meets the insurance company to discuss the scope and costs of damage.

  • 6

    Another Happy Customer

    Customer will protect their interests, settle the claim and improve the quality of their property.

Wind Damage & Hail Damage

Protecting the exterior of your home from severe weather and nature’s elements is what we do. Quality roof and siding is the first line of defense on the exterior of your home. Due to the location of the roof and it being out of your daily sights, property owners rarely inspect their roofs for damage. Roofs are intended to last but sometimes hail and wind damage can greatly affect the longevity of your roofs life.  At times, wind and hail damage can be very obvious to spot, but other times, very real damage can be difficult to spot with an untrained eye. It could take months, even years for damage to your roof, siding, windows or gutters to make itself evident. It is important to have a qualified and trained professional inspect your home and property after any potentially damaging severe weather before its too late.

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